Are you a sufferer of chronic self doubt, no matter your successes? Do you find yourself often in a position of power wondering “How did I get here– am I even ready for this?” These feelings are known as imposter syndrome and it lurks in the minds of even the most successful people.

While imposter syndrome is evident in men, it seems almost ingrained in women. They are conditioned to constantly doubt and override any feelings of success or competence. Many women who are successful often atrribute it to ‘luck’ or describe themselves as feeling like a ‘fake’ — wondering when others will find them out. As a culture, we need to learn who to take on these feelings with grace, dignity, a little bit of a kick-in-the-butt and most importantly — to celebrate our successes!

On August 8th, we will hear from Melanie Griffin, Tampa Office Managing Shareholder of the Dean Mead Law Firm and Founder of “Spread Your Sunshine” and Tammy Charles, Community Engagement Director at Frameworks of Tampa Bay and Founder of Women in Leadership on how they combat these feelings on a daily basis and move forward with confidence, authority, and the ability to take on anything!

We look forward to seeing you at this can’t miss event!

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